Is there any way to bring down our fuel bills?

‘Scrap HS2 and spend the money on insulating homes’

Andrew Cooper, the Green Party’s Energy spokesman

“The Government should scrap the HS2 high-speed train that is due to cost between £50bn and £80bn… and use that money to fund a mass energy efficiency programme. The surest way of reducing energy bills is by making homes more energy-efficient and the HS2 money, which is funded by taxes, could be spent making sure millions of people have properly insulated lofts and walls, creating worthwhile jobs.” Continue reading

Climate Code Red

It’s hard to imagine that one tweet from Australian Greens deputy leader Adam Bandt could change the terms of the climate change policy debate in Australia. But it has.

On 17 October, as fierce, out-of-season bush fires erupted around Sydney and destroyed 200 houses after the hottest year on record in Australia, Bandt tweeted that Australia would experience more terrible climate impacts if newly-elected conservative prime minister Tony Abbott got his way and abandoned the carbon pricing and renewable energy legislation enacted by the Labor government in 2010. Continue reading

Euro elections 2014 – 200 days to go


NW Chart 2009


In 2009 we were less than 5,000 votes away from winning our first
European seat in the North West. With 200 days to go, that means we
need 25 votes per day if we are going to win our seat and make sure
that Nick Griffin and BNP lose their foothold in British politics.
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