Euro elections 2014 – 200 days to go


NW Chart 2009


In 2009 we were less than 5,000 votes away from winning our first
European seat in the North West. With 200 days to go, that means we
need 25 votes per day if we are going to win our seat and make sure
that Nick Griffin and BNP lose their foothold in British politics.

We need your pledges of support to help us do the following things:

– Deliver tens of thousands of newspapers in key areas around the North West

– Hold a fundraising meal, car boot sale or auction to support the
campaign financially

– Get involved in key Green council seat campaigns so that we can
build local and European support

– Agree to speak local groups about the European Elections and how
important a Green vote is this time


Elections are not won in the last few days of a campaign but through a
long campaign and increasing our visibility to all potential
supporters. The best resource to do this is you!

Whether it is communicating with family and friends, putting up posters or
delivering materials through letter boxes, anything you do between now
and the 22nd May could really help.

Please email me on with the subject line
“I can help” to
let us know what you will be doing, so we can share that with other
members in the next few newsletters.

We’d like to thank everyone who has already pledged financial support
for the European Elections through our email and phone appeals, with
just a quick reminder to those who have pledged to set up Standing
Orders but have not yet done so. The North West Green Party account
details are below and most banks will let you set these up online or
through telephone banking.

Account Name: ‘North West GP 1999’
Sort Code: 089086
Account Number: 50061138

Thanks again for being a member and a supporter, and let’s work
together to make sure this time we succeed and win our first North
West European seat.

Peter Cranie
NW European Election Lead Candidate

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