Green Party on 7% in poll


Labour has increased its lead over the Conservatives to six points, today’s exclusive Ipsos MORI poll reveals.

David Cameron’s side are down three to 32, while Mr Miliband’s Labour are up three points to 38 per cent — which, if mirrored on election day, would see him installed at Number 10 with a majority of about 80.

Nick Clegg’s Liberal Democrats are down a point to eight, while Nigel Farage’s Ukip is down two points, also to eight per cent. The Greens have had a three-point bounce to seven.

All of the big party leaders have seen their net satisfaction ratings fall as the post-conference bounce wears off.

Mr Clegg has suffered worst of all from the post-conference blues. Satisfaction in him has plunged from 31 to 22 per cent, while dissatisfaction is up from 57 to 65 per cent.

Mr Miliband has suffered a sharp fall in the number of Labour supporters expressing satisfaction with him.

Among the general public, 31 per cent are satisfied, down from 36. But among Labour supporters, the figure has fallen faster from 61 per cent to 48.

The drop since the last monthly monitor survey in October will dismay Labour strategists, coming after Ipsos MORI found that Mr Miliband’s pledge to freeze fuel bills was by far the most popular of the rival promises made by party leaders at conference time.

David Cameron’s score is down by almost as much among the general public. But among Conservative supporters he is riding high, with three-quarters saying they are satisfied with his performance as prime minister.

read the full article from the London Evening standard here

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