Mass Anti Fracking convergence called for Weds 27th November at Barton

Mass convergence has been called for tomorrow Weds 27th to fight fracking at Barton in Greater Manchester

Fracking company IGas Energy are trying to start drilling in Barton Moss, Salford, Greater Manchester, on farmland next to the M62 motorway, this week. They have begun moving equipment onto the site and are planning to start drilling soon. The community in the area is opposed to their region being fracked, and are hoping that they will receive support in their efforts to stop it.

People will be gathering at the site on Barton Moss Road, off the A57, on tomorrow morning (27th), from 9am onwards. While getting their early will be good, since IGas are likely to be trying to bring more equipment onto the site, there will be stuff happening throughout the day. The event is planned to be a community-led carnival of anti-fracking revelry, with a very serious purpose, to stop IGas in their tracks.

See here for more details and directions to the site etc. Please bring essentials such as food, water, and appropriate clothing. Picnics, cakes, tea-making facilities, friends, banners, games, music, instruments, knitting, blankets, chairs, tables,gazebos, small tents, plastic cutlery/plates. You get the picture. Try to avoid bringing alcohol, drugs, anything which could be construed as a weapon,glass etc.

IGas are one of the 3 major fracking companies in the UK at present (along with Cuadrilla Resources and Dart Energy). They have been attempting to develop coal bed methane (CBM) in the area for some time (the extraction process that has already devastated Queensland in Australia) but are now also getting interested in Shale Gas as well. The exploration well they want to drill at Barton Moss is intended to pass through the both the coal
seams and the deeper Bowland Shale. This could be just the beginning of a tidal wave of destruction with thousands of fracked wells coating the area.

For an overview of the situation at Barton Moss please see these articles:

* Fracking Manchester: IGas Threatens Barton Moss

* Fracking Threat In The North West

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