Barton Moss – Reports From the Fracking Front Line

Salford Barton IGas Protest 4th Dec 2013  (12)


At Barton Moss (near the M6 in Salford) a stalwart group of approximately 30 activists have been opposing attempts by energy company IGas to carry out exploratory drilling for coal bed methane and shale gas.   

No environmental impact assessment (EIA) has taken place at the site and protesters contend that the current permission does not allow for shale gas exploration.

Veteran Green Party Campaigner Anne Power has been representing the Green Party at the protest and has been sending back reports from the front line….

27th Nov: “Drill approaching the drilling site about 12.30 today. We delayed its course along this privately owned road/lane by resisting the police escort for a considerable distance. As a “little old lady” I was able to be the slowest to move by leaning back hard against the police who kept edging us/me forward. The campers and leading protesters were delighted with the help I gave and so was I. About halfway the police physically forced me and a one armed woman protester holding on to me out of the group.” 

You can see Anne Power’s heroic efforts on this video 
4th Dec: Anne Power is in the news again – Salford Star
5th Dec: Court appearances this morning. Was very glad I went – the presence of very respectable older women on front row of the court helped the solicitor get a no strings bail for the defendants, which was a great relief all round. Had to beg strangers to give me an arm though – wind would have knocked me off my feet.”
Anne asks: “Please show your support for the anti fracking campers at Barton Moss, Irlam, Salford. They love visitors and need firewood, food, fleeces, thermals and bedding. Please don’t forget the campers over Christmas and other times when there’s no media attention.”

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