Remove Corporate Fracking interests from the Government

Lord Browne

Green Party MP Caroline Lucas has repeatedly spoken up against having people from the fossil fuel industry embedded within government, and has made Freedom of information  requests to Department of Energy and Climate Change including about Cuadrilla’s Chairman, the disgraced former BP Chairman Lord Browne, who has used his position within the Cabinet Office as an advisor to the Government to water down the regulations on Fracking for Cuadrilla.

It is thus hardly surprising that the UK government is promoting and investing into helping the fossil fuel industry expand its reserves to include those with the biggest carbon intensity and environmental risk to extract, despite the increasing acceptance (outside of government) that we can only burn 20 to 25% of the global fossil fuel reserves that are already proven, to have any good chance of getting our global temperature rise down to under 2 degrees.

This embedded self-serving parasitic corporate web, which World Development Movement have shown graphically is also linked up with the banking sector’s funding of the fossil fuel industry, needs to be removed from government, and this petition aims to make a start towards this goal. Please sign:

Sign the Petition here to Outlaw Conflicts of Interest within Government:

 Further information about the petition here.


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