DEFRA rethink air pollution testing changes

Defra are now rethinking their changes to air quality measuring after a strong public response to their proposed changes.

You can download the Defra have report on the outcome of the consultation on their proposals to significantly weaken air quality reporting and control in England here.

They acknowledge that there is little support for abolishing the requirement for local authorities to declare Air Quality Management Areas in locations with particularly high pollution levels and they will now reassess their proposal and issue a new consultation in mid-2014.

A big thanks to everybody who took part in the response to this consultation – because of the big response from the public via a number of organisations it looks like Defra’s unacceptable proposals are being taken off the table.

1 thought on “DEFRA rethink air pollution testing changes

  1. With many people suffering from asthma neither the atmosphere outside or our homes are free from chemicals and particulates: in order for us to live a healthy life in risk free breathable air we need relevant tests and regulations.

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