Green Mep condemns Gov’t Fracking report

Green Party MEP, Keith Taylor, responded to the Strategic Environmental Assessment report produced by AMEC for the Government which sets out the potential economic and environmental effects of further oil and gas activity in Great Britain, including shale oil and gas production, comparing a ‘low activity’ and ‘high activity’ scenario.

The report, released today by the Department for Energy and Climate Change, comes ahead of the Government announcing new extraction licenses in 2014.

Keith Taylor said:
“This report shows us the extent to which fracking could affect people’s lives across the UK.

The report suggests that up to 2880 wells could be drilled in the UK creating over 100 million cubic meters of waste water. Communities near fracking sites will have dozens of heavy trucks passing by every day, causing noise and air pollution. Continue reading

Capping the CAP

A new report from the South West Green Party exposes the fact that massive payments to large corporations are being made under the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). Analysis of Defra data by the Green Party on CAP payments has revealed that sizeable sums of money are being diverted away from smaller farms towards large corporations.

In particular, the Green Party points to a payment of nearly £2 million last year to Serco Regional Services for ‘supporting a step change in the international performance of companies in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly’. The Serco Group is currently the subject of a criminal investigation following allegations they billed the Ministry of Justice for monitoring 3,000 non-existent offenders on a lucrative electronic tagging contract. [1]

Professor Molly Scott Cato, lead Green Party European candidate in the South West and the Party’s finance speaker, said:

“The public might be somewhat surprised or even shocked by the fact that huge amounts of EU funds, portrayed as supporting rural agricultural incomes, are in fact being directed towards public bodies and dubious corporations such as Serco. This amounts to nothing less than corporate welfare.” Continue reading


Green MEP Jean Lambert has backed a decision to take EU-level action to stamp out homophobia.



Members of the European Parliament’s Civil Liberties Committee have today voted with a large majority to establish an EU road-map against homophobia and discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity, including the need to deal with bullying in schools and workplaces. Continue reading