Greens support Unconditional Basic Income

Green MEP Jean Lambert is throwing her support behind the Proposed European Citizens’ Initiative for an Unconditional Basic Income (UBI) which would Explore a pathway towards progressive welfare in the EU

It potentially fits with the initiative, which the Greens championed in the EP during the 2010 European Year against Poverty, for a Framework Directive on Minimum Income, proposed by the European Anti-Poverty Network: this allowed for different ways to meet a desired outcome, rather than a uniform system. The ECI offers an opportunity to build on that work in the next EP, with a strong public voice behind it – if it gets enough signatures.

Asking the Commission, to encourage cooperation between the Member States aiming to explore the Unconditional Basic Income as a tool to improve their respective social security systems.

In the long run the objective is to offer to each person in the EU the unconditional right as an individual, to having his/her material needs met to ensure a life of dignity as stated by the EU treaties, and to empower participation in society supported by the introduction of the UBI. In the short term, initiatives such as “pilot‐studies“ (Art 156 TFEU) and examination of different models of UBI (EP resolution 2010/2039(INI) 44) should be promoted by the EU.

There is currently a parallel initiative Switzerland, like all our countries, where a 6-figure petition is going to lead, very soon, to Switzerland holding a national referendum on whether to give every citizen an income of $2800 a month! This will be a watershed moment for any European country, and Basic Income UK want to highlight this Europe-wide move to discuss an Unconditional Basic Income policy.

The Unconditional Basic Income policy is, of course, is very close to the Green Party’s Citizens income policy. The European Citizens Initiative (ECI) for Unconditional Basic Income calls upon the EC to “explore a pathway towards emancipatory welfare conditions in the EU”. This past year has seen a deepening of austerity cuts throughout Europe, and in this country a shocking propaganda war blaming the poor for the awful economic conditions they had no part in creating. If it gets enough signatures the EU will have to research and debate the idea of an unconditional income for all. It would be a great answer to the social exclusion of those who don’t have a job and could also release the creativity of those who cannot find stable jobs.

To support the Initiative for a Basic Income please sign here

To find out more about the European Initiative for a Basic Income here

1 thought on “Greens support Unconditional Basic Income

  1. The petition for the European Initiative for an Unconditional Basic Income is, at last, a step in the right direction and needs to get massive support from all grassroots people in fact every body worth their salt.

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