“Extreme weather shows action on climate change is urgently needed”


“Extreme weather shows action on climate change is urgently needed” says North West Green Party

After high winds hit the region this week the North West Green Party has highlighted the urgent need for political action to tackle climate change and the threat of increased extreme weather.

Peter Cranie, the North West Green Party’s lead candidate for the European elections, said: “On Wednesday night 100mph winds battered the North West, causing major disruption and injuries. While individual weather events can’t be explicitly linked to climate change the evidence suggests that due to climate change we can expect more of this kind of extreme weather in the future. For too long politicians have avoided the issue. But now the consequences of a warming planet are here. The Met Office recognise it, the Prime Minister accepts it and we now need urgent action to protect us from future extreme weather.”

Ahead of this year’s European elections Peter Cranie criticised the Conservatives and UKIP for voting against European action to tackle flooding. In a European Parliament vote on the implementation of EU water legislation designed to tackle the ‘rise in the frequency and intensity of floods’ one of the region’s Conservative MEPs, Sir Robert Atkins, voted against the plans and the other two, Jacqueline Foster and Sajjad Karim, and the region’s UKIP MEP, Paul Nuttall failed to turn up to vote [1]. The motion called on the European Commission to conduct ‘a relevant analysis of the ways to prevent the effects of flooding, given the noticeable increase in the flood risk in Member States in recent years’.

Peter Cranie said: “David Cameron and Nigel Farage have pulled on their wellies and waders to stand in the flood waters looking sympathetic, while in the European Parliament their party members fail to support action to tackle flooding. While better planning and flood defences will help us mitigate some of the risks of climate change, the only way to properly protect ourselves is to take radical action to lower our reliance on fossil fuels.”

He concluded: “If the government is serious about protecting the UK from flooding, and wants to live up to its claim of being the ‘greenest government ever’ then it must end its obsession with climate change causing energy production like fracking and its hostility towards renewable energy sources.”

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