Green Party Conference Fringe, Liverpool – Resistance to Austerity

Green Party Conference Fringe Meeting  gplogoworldgreenforweb1.jpg
Resistance to Austerity
Friday 28th February
18.15 19.30
Green Party Conference, St Georges Hall, Liverpool

unite community
Sheila Coleman
UNITE Community Membership Officer
Trade Unions  working within the Community





The Peoples Assembly against Austerity

South Liverpool against Poverty

Tameside against the cuts

Invited: Stop Workfare, Disability Rights UK


Resistance to Austerity
As the effects of welfare reforms begin to bite, How do we as Greens respond to their situation the people on the doorstep who are falling through the benefits safety net?

Green Party Candidates would certainly benefit from being able to advise and assist with Council Tax and Housing Benefit issues.

Its not enough just to say we will change things when we get elected, we also have to  be a part of the process of bringing about that change by resisting this austerity and injustice.

Being a part of the resistance to austerity could be through supporting your local cuts campaign and broad based resistance movements like the Peoples Assembly against Austerity  or maybe even becoming a UNITE the union community member.

Practical resistance to austerity can be achieved easily by buying a Disability Rights UK hand book so that you can learn to advise people how to navigate through the Benefits maze.

Come along and share your experiences and ideas about how Greens can resist Austerity

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