Call for an ‘end UK hunger’ budget

Over 500,000 people in Britain have been forced to use food banks since Easter 2013, it is one of the most powerful signs of the terrible impact the government’s austerity agenda.

Today a new petition has been launched, putting pressure on George Osborne ahead of the Budget in March. It calls on the chancellor to introduce a ‘hunger test’ to make sure this and future budgets don’t drive families further into poverty. The specific asks of the petition are:

1.    Introduce a Living Wage.
2.    Repair the welfare safety net and end punitive sanctions.
3.    Tackle rising food and energy costs.
4.    Recognise exponential rise in food banks and UK hunger.

The petition, which is being fronted by Jack Monroe, can be found by clicking here and you can find out more about the campaign by clicking here.

This latest push comes off the back of the Unite, Mirror and Trussell Trust Christmas campaign, which had a huge impact at the end of 2013.

Together Unite members helped to raise over £106,000 for the food bank network and forced the issue right to the top of the political agenda. We secured 144,000 signatures, forcing a debate in parliament and putting the government under huge pressure – as well as giving a platform to the ordinary people being hit by food poverty.

This latest petition will be another chance for us to step up again and make a real difference. So please do sign and share here

1 thought on “Call for an ‘end UK hunger’ budget

  1. we are being reduced to a third – world country by our own government – -who were elected by the people to take care of the people.

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