Anti-fracking demo in central Manchester, Sunday march 9th

Over a hundred people walked-as slowly as the aggressive police pushing would allow- in front of the lorries arriving at Barton Moss on Friday morning. On Sunday, celebrating the postponement of a court hearing to evict the campers, hundreds danced in the layby by the A57 to sounds by DJ Dave Haslam, after enjoying other entertainers including a group of singers from Manchester’s Open Voice Choir.
We want to take our message, that fracking can and must be stopped, to Manchester City Centre, and encourage campaigners from all over the North West and beyond to join us.

Sunday 9th March
Gather at 12 noon, Piccadilly Gardens
March to Cathedral Gardens, near Urbis, for a rally around 2pm.

The demo is called by Frack Free Greater Manchester.

Manchester Campaign against Climate Change will be there with our yellow banner, as one key reason to oppose fracking is that it is a fossil fuel, making climate change worse both because of the fracking process, when methane (a very powerful greenhouse gas) is released into the air, and when the methane (or shale gas) is burnt, producing CO2.

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