Rupert Read, BBC Sunday Politics on Transport

indexRupert Read, lead Green Party MEP-candidate in the East of England, and national Green Party Transport Spokesperson was on the BBC Sunday Politics yesterday.

Go 39 mins in, to see him whack Labour over lack of vision on bus stations, over their failure to renationalise the railways (using the East Coast Mainline example), and over the academy schools programme (as well as whacking the Tories over their Environment Agency austerity…)… Andy Sawford, Labour MP for Corby; didn’t know what had hit him!:

Prior to the show Labour MP Andy Sawford said to Rupert “Can you attack the Conservatives cuts to floods/coastal-erosion-defences? Because I’m/we’re not allowed to make spending commitments.” !!

“We should use this on every occasion we are debating with Labour MPs, in the media, etc: try to bait them into giving any spending commitments, and watch them squirm…” Rupert Read


Watch Rupert Read on BBC Sunday Politics here.

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