If you want a say on Europe vote Green in May


Ed Miliband’s announcement that you won’t get a vote on Britain’s future in the European Union, unless it is about a new treaty, will frustrate the 49% of Labour voters who want a say on the European Union. This is also the wrong decision when more than 6 out of 10 members of the general public want to have their chance to vote on the issue.


Unless you are 56 or older you have never had your say on our EU membership. Miliband’s decision leaves Labour voters who want to have their say on Europe in a difficult position. They certainly won’t want to vote for the pro-cuts UKIP who want even deeper reductions in public spending than the coalition have delivered.


Peter Cranie, the North West Green Party’s European elections candidate said: “The European Elections are the last chance for Labour supporters to influence their leader before the General Election. The Greens say yes to a referendum, yes to reform of the EU to improve it and yes to a future in Europe, but we are also a party campaigning against the cuts.”


He continued: “If Labour supporters want to lean on their party’s leadership, they can do that by voting Green to have their say on Europe while continuing to show their opposition to cuts. Given that the Greens missed out on a seat here by just 0.3% last time, that vote will really count.”

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