LambertJeanMEP250Jean Lambert MEP welcomed the European Parliament’s support for a new EU law which will help tackle discrimination against citizens working in another EU country.


The new directive, which passed with an overwhelming majority today, will help support workers who are using their right to free movement to work abroad in the EU.


 It will provide EU citizens with an easier means to combat discrimination they may face based on nationality, such as improving access to support and information through equality bodies.


Lambert, a member of the European Parliament’s Employment Committee which was involved in scrutinising the legislation, said:-


“This law is good news which will improve the lives for EU citizens that choose to live and work in another European country – including millions of UK citizens.


“It sends a clear message that discrimination will not be tolerated, and all workers must have their rights protected, regardless of where they come from.


 “While the right to free movement in the EU already exists on paper, in practice discrimination and lack of support can be major obstacles to accessing these rights. Today’s measures should help ensure all workers are treated equally.



“But the danger of discrimination is rising, which is not helped by some politicians who seek to make EU nationals the scapegoats for the poverty and inequality that austerity policies have created.


“This law reaffirms the rights that free movement brings for us all across the EU, and that discrimination is not acceptable. It’s time for all politicians to stop taking cheap shots at people on the basis of their nationality and start tackling the real causes of poverty and inequality.”


More information on the legislation here:

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