Peter Cranie challenges Lib Dems’ Chris Davies to public debate on Europe

62399036_peter_cranie_high1After this week’s Farrage vs Clegg TV debate on Europe, Green Party European election candidate, Peter Cranie, has invited the North West’s Lib Dem MEP to hold a public, live-streamed debate on Europe. (1)

Peter Cranie said: “This week’s televised debate between UKIP and the Lib Dems painted a very simple picture of Europe – Farage said pulling out of Europe would solve all of our problems and Clegg said our European Union membership is a panacea that will solve all of our economic woes. Neither is right. Greens believe that we’re better off in Europe. But we also know that the EU needs radical reform to make it more democratic and to ensure it works in the interests of ordinary people, not big business. Fundamentally we believe that the British people should have a say on Europe, which is why we support a referendum.”

He continued: “Here in the North West our Lib Dem MEP, Chris Davies, challenged the region’s UKIP MEP, Paul Nuttall, to a public debate about Europe. UKIP declined so I’m asking Chris if he’ll debate with the Greens instead. Many Lib Dem voters feel let down on issues such as student tuition fees, the renewal of Trident, fracking,the gagging bill, support for nuclear power, the selling off of care data and the EU’s secretive trade deal with the USA. I’d like to hear Chris Davies defend his support for those policies. I’d use the opportunity to explain Green policies on these issues and share some of the work done by the 58 Green MEPs in the European Parliament.”

The Green Party is the fourth largest group in the European Parliament with 58 MEPs, working on issues as diverse as workers’ rights, energy, transport, fishing, international development, environmental protection and employment. Peter Cranie lost out on a seat in the European Parliament by just 0.3% of the vote in 2009 and is hoping to break through this May.

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