Nigel Rolland, Green Party candidate, Ashton St. Michaels, May 22nd 2014




I have a good record of exposing and holding Tameside Council to account, including:

TEL Homes for the elderly – Council mismanagement;

Former Ashton to Oldham railway – Unlawful dumping allowed by TMBC;

Ashton Moss Allotments – Council negligence.

If elected, I will propose the following changes to Tameside Council:

A further reduction of Councillors allowances;

An end to the payment of all Executive Councillors including the Leader;

No development of shale gas extraction (Fracking);

No development of Green Belt land for residential or business;

An end to the privatisation and outsourcing of Council services;

An ethical investment policy for the TMBC managed Greater Manchester Pension fund;

I would work with all agencies to achieve the following:

A living wage for all;

Job creation through a Green New Deal;

More investment in local business;

Access to land to grow food for all.



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