Trevor Clarke, Green Party Candidate, St. Peters Ward, May 22nd 2014



Labour publications trumpet how the council is ‘on your side in hard times’. They don’t tell you the Council HASN’T:

  • sold its £60m investments

  • tried to renegotiate its £135m of PFI interest payments over the next 20 years (disastrous initiatives promoted by the Blair/Brown Labour governments)

  • called in the £40m it is owed

These could have softened the cuts it imposed for the Con/Dem government; a cuts agenda, remember, that a Labour government would have held to as well.

Green policies put people first. For example, we want climate-wrecking fossil fuels replaced with renewable energy. This would create jobs for people. Green energy policy would remove shareholders, and cut prices, by bringing energy companies into public ownership. Labour only promises price freezes.

Is immigration an issue? No. It’s our home-grown elite of incompetent bankers; short-sighted, self-serving politicians; phone-tapping journalists; and fat-cat business people who need greater regulation.


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