Greens offer ‘jilted generation’ a ‘message of hope’

For the common good

 The Green Party Youth Manifesto

The Green Party will launch the first ever youth manifesto from a major political party ahead of the European Elections. 

The Manifesto, launched by the Green Party’s candidate for European Commission president, Ska Keller, includes pledges to abolish tuition fees and create well paid jobs for young people. 

The launch comes after a YouGov poll revealed that only 41% of 17-21 year olds are planning to vote in the upcoming elections. 

Ska Keller, now 32, was one of the youngest MEPs to be elected to the European Parliament in 2009, she is focusing her campaigning on the youth vote and on fighting the rise of the far right across Europe. 

Ska Keller, co-leader of the European Greens election campaign, said:“We Greens will make clear what our alternatives are for Europe: a fair and green way out of the crisis, putting youth unemployment on top of the agenda, more rights for refugees and migrants, a fair Europe in the world, more ambitious climate targets and more democracy.” 

Green Party MEP Jean Lambert said:”Across the UK young people are really feeling the squeeze, and they’re fed up with politicians turning their backs on them. Greens in the European Parliament have always fought for young people across the continent and made sure that their voice is heard by those in power.” 

According to Siobhan MacMahon, co-leader of the Young Greens in England and Wales, the party is aiming to make an impact among people at this election. 

Siobhan MacMahon said:“When young people see Green policies they vote for us. We’re the only ones standing up to the marketisation of education and campaigning against a culture of low pay that infected governments of recent times. 

“In many ways the future is bleak for young people. House prices make the property ladder an impossible dream. While our parents had free university, we’re being saddle with thousands of pounds of debt and the running of our schools is being handed to private companies. 

“But amid the doom and gloom there is the prospect of real change. This jilted generation is at the end of its tether and looking for an outlet for our anger. I joined the Greens because we confront those in power, rather than take money from them. At this election I’m sure record numbers of young people will be voting Green, spurred on by our message of hope for a decent future for all of us.

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