Emily Kelly, Green Party Candidate in Dukinfield Stalybridge ward


I am Emily Kelly and I am standing for the Green Party in Dukinfield Stalybridge

I was born in Mottram and have lived in Tameside all my life. I have strong concerns for animal welfare, the community, and the environment. I have voted Green for the past 20 years.  I currently work in the Community and have a deep understanding of the concerns of the poor and unemployed in Tameside. This is why I support the Green Party’s policy on providing a Citizens Income to replace the current divisive benefits system.

The three mainstream political parties try to focus our anger on the unemployed, Europe and/or immigration when the real problems are corrupt politicians, corrupt bankers and corrupt big business.

We need to bring power back to the communities and away from selfish bureaucrats.

I believe we need to replace ’growth’ as our goal, with sustainability. The future of our 7 billion inhabitants is not to industrialise, but to ‘tread softly’ and be in step with nature.

No building on the Greenbelt,no fracking.

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