New report shows Green Euro MPs hardest working in Europe

For the common goodA report released by Vote Watch Europe has analysed the voting records of the different British political parties. The Greens are the party with the best record of attendance (over 91%) and UKIP are the party with the worst (61%).

Peter Cranie, lead candidate for the Greens in the North West, commented:

“Generally people want their politicians to earn their money, rather than just turning up to ride the gravy train. This independent analysis shows that voting Green will get you a hard working representative in Europe.”

“UKIP’s MEP for the North West, Paul Nuttall, has the worst attendance record for any British MEP and Nigel Farage is the next worst. They should be refunding British taxpayers half their salary. Any other party would be getting hauled over the coals for this waste of money, but UKIP get an easy ride.”

The Greens have also highlighted that Nuttall has only managed to attend 2 out of 56 Environmental committee meetings, calling it “an utter disgrace”.

Download and read the full report from Vote  Watch Europe here

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