Lee Camp’s New TV Show – Redacted Tonight


It’s on.

The US Green Party,s Shadow Cabinet’s Commissioner for the Comedic Arts, Lee Camp has a new show – REDACTED TONIGHT

Political satire at its best every friday night.

You can watch the full premiere now – here!

“Monsanto has been voted to be the most evil corporation in the world. Congrats Monsanto! That’s like being voted prom queen, if your prom takes place in the 8th ring of hell…

Watch the Monsanto bit – here.

A Future That Doesn’t Work?


‘A Future That Doesn’t Work?’ is a public conversation with Natalie Bennett (Leader of the Green Party) and Nick Srnicek (co-author of the Accelerationist Manifesto).

Zero-hour contracts, collapsing real wages, multiple jobs, and unpaid internships – most of us are experiencing a crisis in the relationship between ‘work’ and the wage. But is fighting for ‘more work’ the answer to our problems, or must we question the very nature of work? Why does the increasing automation of work currently present a crisis, rather than an opportunity for liberation? What does the future of work look like? Can we organize towards worlds that break the relationship between useful activity and the wage?

This is the second in the Conversations on the Future series

Hosted by Plan C Manchester.

A Future That Doesn’t Work?
Tues, Jun 3 at Cornerhouse, Oxford Road
by Natalie Bennett (Leader of the Green Party)
£3/5 on the door.
Please register for your place on Eventbrite using the link below.

Envirolution Festival 2014, Saturday 24th May


Manchester’s annual Envirolution Festival will be held in Platt Fields Park on Saturday 24th May from 1.00 until 7.00 pm.

The Envirolution festival will be situated in and around the Platt fields Park Eco Garden and it will be a day full of fantastic live music, theatre, workshops, discussions, family fun, food & drink, and lots of stalls to browse.

Start your Bank Holiday holiday weekend at Envirolution 2014

More information about Envirolution 2014 here