Green Party votes up in Tameside elections

Tameside Green Party gained increased votes in the recent local elections on Thursday May 22nd.

The Total Votes cast in the Tameside MBC elections were 55,875 with tameside Green Party polling 5,345 votes  which was 9.56% of the total votes cast in Tameside.

A notable Green Party result was in Mossley where Christine Clark gained 23.6% of the total votes cast in Mossley.

A full breakdown of the election results are shown below along with the Green Party percentage of the votes cast in each ward.

Ashton Hurst Total Votes cast 3215
Paul Buckley (CON) 1377
Debbie Boulton (LAB) 1359
Charlotte Hughes (GREEN) 436 Green Party vote 13.56%

Ashton St. Michael’s Total Votes cast 2574
Bill Fairfoull (LAB) 1466
Liam Billington (CON) 494
Nigel Rolland (GREEN) 426 Green Party vote 16.55%
Mary Doherty (PS) 151

Ashton Waterloo Total Votes cast 2804
Lynn Travis (LAB) 1447
Jack Rankin (CON) 868
Andrew Threlfall (GREEN) 460 Green Party vote 16.4%

Audenshaw Total Votes cast 3058
Oliver Ryan (LAB) 1284
David Turner (UKIP) 1162
Colin White (CON) 429
Nancy Jaeger (GREEN) 159 Green Party vote 5.2%

Denton North East Total Votes cast 2716
Vincent Ricci (LAB) 1251
Dennis Connor (UKIP) 906
Carol White (CON) 344
Gerard Boyd (GREEN) 200 Green Party vote 7.36%

Denton South Total Votes cast 2792
Claire Francis (LAB) 1160
Carl Simmons (IND) 1085
Jacob Sutcliffe (CON) 342
Michael Smee (GREEN) 92 Green Party vote 3.3%
Dean Kavanagh (TUSC) 91

Denton West Total Votes cast 3233
Michael Smith (LAB) 2068
Thomas Dunne (CON) 77840
Jacintha Manchester (GREEN) 332 Green Party vote 10.2%

Droylsden East Total Votes cast 3058
Sue Quinn (LAB) 1431
Ted Salmon (UKIP) 1168
Liv Brannon (CON) 250
Mark Stanley (GREEN) 163 Green Party vote 5.5%

Droylsden West Total Votes cast 3056
Barrie Holland (LAB) 1584
Tracy Radcliffe (UKIP) 971
Gill Westhead (CON) 235
Jo Booth (GREEN) 149 Green Party vote 4.9%
Ian Connor (BNP) 106
Dukinfield Total Votes cast 2878
Jacqueline Lane (LAB) 1419
John Cooke (UKIP) 866
Zoe Gallacher (CON) 252
Julie Wood (GREEN) 219 Green Party vote 7.6%

Dukinfield Stalybridge Total Votes cast 2936
Eleanor Ballagher (LAB) 1194
Wayne Jones (UKIP) 954
Christine Liley (CON) 507
Emily Kelly (GREEN) 206 Green Party vote 7%
Steve Starlord (IND) 59

Hyde Godley Total Votes cast 2628
Jim Fitzpatrick (LAB) 1597
Mohammed Iqbal (CON) 493
Nicholas Koopman (GREEN) 479 Green Party vote 18.2%

Hyde Newton Total Votes cast 3024
Philip Fitzpatrick (LAB) 1406
Gail Jones (UKIP) 962
Craig Halliday (CON) 415
Andrew Highton (GREEN) 222 Green Party vote 7.34%

Hyde Werneth Total Votes cast 3573
Andy Kinsey (LAB) 1443
Ruth Welsh (CON) 1153
Philip Chadwick (UKIP) 782
Melanie Roberts (GREEN) 179 Green Party vote 5%

Longdendale Total Votes cast 2805
Janet Cooper (LAB) 1185
David Tyler (CON) 733
Kevin Misell (UKIP) 635
John Kelly (GREEN) 240 Green Party vote 8.55%

Mossley Total Votes cast 2955
Frank Travis (LAB) 1375
Amanda Buckley (CON) 851
Christine Clark (GREEN) 697 Green Party vote 23.6% Continue reading

Why we need Space for cycling in Tameside

spaceforcyclingmassiveTameside Green Party candidates in this week’s local elections have backed proposals from Space for Cycling campaign to support specific improvements to road layouts to make it easier and safer for cyclists to get about Tameside.

Tameside Green Party agree that we should be making it easier for people to get around by bike or on foot, getting onto our bikes is great for our physical and mental health as well as improving the air quality and our bank balances!

Greater Manchester has agreed to invest over £30million in the first phase of the VéloCity program, we need to ensure this money is spent effectively in Tameside.

We need Tameside Council to provide high-quality safe Space for Cycling, we must make the most of this opportunity to realise the massive potential that cycling can offer our communities,

We also need to ensure the VéloCity program is extended to cover the whole of Greater Manchester, with funding until 2025, as pledged in Transport for Greater Manchester’s VéloCity 2025 bid document.

More information about the Space for Cycling Campaign here