Greens call for EU Bank Reform

LambertJeanMEP250Green Party Euro-MP Jean Lambert has hit out at Chancellor George Osborne after he announced plans bypass EU rules designed to criminalise rogue bankers in last Thursday’s annual speech to banking industry chiefs at Mansion House.

Ms Lambert, said we need reforms – but they should be decided at EU level so they encompass banks working in Frankfurt, London, and financial centres across the EU.

She said: “By attempting to introduce reforms to the British banking sector while ruling out any of the common EU reforms designed to tackle the very same problems of fraud and excess, Osborne is sending a clear message to the EU: ‘keep out of the way the UK financial sector does its business’.

This is likely to be disastrous – the financial woes suffered by much of the world were caused as much by a piecemeal approach to banking regulation as they were by the excesses of the industry.

The fact remains that the financial sector is as powerful – and fleet of foot – as most Governments. If we don’t join up regulations across borders, it will always seek to do its business in the most favourable jurisdiction, and that can only be bad for consumers.

It’s also at odds with the views of most people. The Greens have worked hard to shape EU banking regulations: pushing for a Financial Transaction Tax, for example, and a cap on bankers’ bonuses – and these are the reforms most people want to see.”

Lee Camp’s New TV Show – Redacted Tonight


It’s on.

The US Green Party,s Shadow Cabinet’s Commissioner for the Comedic Arts, Lee Camp has a new show – REDACTED TONIGHT

Political satire at its best every friday night.

You can watch the full premiere now – here!

“Monsanto has been voted to be the most evil corporation in the world. Congrats Monsanto! That’s like being voted prom queen, if your prom takes place in the 8th ring of hell…

Watch the Monsanto bit – here.



Green MEP Jean Lambert has called on the EU to show global ‘climate leadership’ in a message to mark World Environment Day.

She said the EU must adopt tough targets on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, energy conservation and boosting renewable electricity generation – and, crucially, seize the mantle of global leadership at crucial climate talks in Paris next year.

That may require making bigger sacrifices than we expect of other nations and blocs,” she said. message for World Environment Day was:

Today is World Environment Day, the annual occasion for us to take stock of recent progress made protecting our fragile environment – and to focus our attention on the action we’ll be taking in future. Continue reading