Stop Tameside Council using bully bailiffs to collect Council Tax

Dear Tameside Councillors

Tameside against the cuts is an association of individuals who are committed to resisting the effects of the cuts to Benefits and services imposed by the current Government and providing what limited support we can to the victims of the cuts

We are writing to you regarding Tameside Council’s use of Marston group bailiffs to collect unpaid Council Tax from vulnerable and impoversished householders who have already been hard hit by the Governments Welfare Reforms.

Now they are being hit by a double whammy, as Tameside Council is sending in these licensed thugs who force their way into the homes of vulnerable householders and then threaten, bully and even imprison them in their own homes in order to extort large sums of money from them without providing them with any identification, no official court orders and particularly without any valid paperwork showing them a breakdown of the sum being demanded. Continue reading