Vote for a Safe Climate

A Vote for the Green Party is a Vote for the Future

In honour of Earth Day, our candidate for Stalybridge and Hyde, Jenny Ross, has put together a small film about how the Green Party offer a solution for a safe climate.

As all other political parties, rush to develop another fossil fuel market in fracking for shale gas and Coal Bed Methane, the Greens have a vision for renewable energy that will free us from the profiteering of the ‘Big Six’ energy companies, create 1 million new jobs and provide clean energy that will return profits locally and won’t cost us our earth.

With the entire area of Tameside currently up for license for fracking and with Coal Bed Methane extraction in Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council’s local plan, it is important we vote to protect ourselves from this dirty industry that won’t bring jobs but will threaten our health, house prices and water.