Biomess Awards: 7pm, Weds 9th April, London

awards-buttonOn the 9th and 10th of April a conference bringing together the biggest corporate names in biomass will take place in London.

Representatives from key organisations in the global biomass industry will be attending to discuss how to further increase their profits from environmental destruction and social injustice.

They will be treating themselves to a gala dinner and awards ceremony designed to recognise “outstanding contributions” to the biomass industry.

Join us in showing contempt for this celebration of the profits of a few at the expense of many, by participating in our Alternative Awards Ceremony

7pm, Wednesday 9th April, outside the Gibson Hall, 13 Bishopsgate, London, EC2N 3BA (near Bank, Monument and Liverpool tube stations).

You can do this by coming along to the Alternative Awards Ceremony and protest and by voting for the Biggest Biomass Baddie below beforehand.  Please look at our nominee profiles before choosing who to vote for!


Green Investment Bank




Wood Pellet Association of Canada

You can cast your vote here

Biomass electricity = forest destruction and land-grabs

Clearcutting of coastal native hardwood forests in North Carolina – Drax is burning pellets from native forest logging in this region. Photo: Dogwood Alliance

Campaigners have reacted angrily to Government announcements on Wednesday setting out increased support for new biomass power capacity through “strike prices”.  High levels of long-term subsidies have been guaranteed for the partial conversion of Drax Power station to biomass (allowing both to avoid having to shut down), for the biomass conversion of the currently closed Lynemouth Power station and for a large new biomass plant proposed by MGT Power at Teesside Port. Coal to biomass conversion strike price is £105 p MWh. Dedicated biomass will get £125 p MWh guaranteed.

MGT Power’s plans have already been implicated in land-grabbing in Brazil for eucalyptus plantations, [2] whilst Drax has been shown to have burnt pellets sourced from the clear-cutting of ancient wetland forests in the southern US. [3] Overall, further support was announced for more than 4GW of biomass capacity, which will see operators burning almost 30 million tonnes of green wood a year and receiving approximately £ 1 billion in subsidies for this annually. [4] Drax has already been guaranteed around £198 million in subsidies for biomass conversion under an existing subsidy scheme.  30 million tonnes of wood is equivalent to three times the UK’s  total annual wood production.

Oliver Munnion, Biofuelwatch co-director said: “This announcement speaks volumes about the true nature of UK renewable energy policy. Billions are being thrown at old, inefficient coal-fired power stations in a desperate attempt to keep them generating, whilst new, equally inefficient dedicated plants implicated in land-grabbing are also receiving support. Burning 3 times as much wood as the UK produces every year is not the way to reduce emissions – it’s a smoke screen for the business-as-usual agendas of Government and energy companies.” Continue reading

Remove Corporate Fracking interests from the Government

Lord Browne

Green Party MP Caroline Lucas has repeatedly spoken up against having people from the fossil fuel industry embedded within government, and has made Freedom of information  requests to Department of Energy and Climate Change including about Cuadrilla’s Chairman, the disgraced former BP Chairman Lord Browne, who has used his position within the Cabinet Office as an advisor to the Government to water down the regulations on Fracking for Cuadrilla.

It is thus hardly surprising that the UK government is promoting and investing into helping the fossil fuel industry expand its reserves to include those with the biggest carbon intensity and environmental risk to extract, despite the increasing acceptance (outside of government) that we can only burn 20 to 25% of the global fossil fuel reserves that are already proven, to have any good chance of getting our global temperature rise down to under 2 degrees.

This embedded self-serving parasitic corporate web, which World Development Movement have shown graphically is also linked up with the banking sector’s funding of the fossil fuel industry, needs to be removed from government, and this petition aims to make a start towards this goal. Please sign:

Sign the Petition here to Outlaw Conflicts of Interest within Government:

 Further information about the petition here.