Greens must be included in any national election debate

ktKeith Taylor, one of two Green MEPs for the UK, has demanded that the Green Party is included in any television debate ahead of the European Elections, his call comes after Nick Clegg challenged Nigel Farage to a debate ahead of the European Elections.

Mr Taylor also attacked the Lib Dem’s for attempting to brand themselves as a ‘party of change.’

Mr Taylor went on to criticise UKIP for their ‘inability to represent the people who voted for them’.

Mr Taylor represents the same region as Nigel Farage, but has been present at double the amount of key votes in the European Parliament than the UKIP leader.

Keith Taylor, Green Party MEP for South East England, said:

“It’s clear that voters want to see a change at this European election, and it goes without saying that the Lib Dems, a party in Government, won’t offer anything new. It’s no wonder voters are abandoning Clegg’s party in droves.

If there is to be a national television or radio election debate before the European elections then I fully expect the Green Party, which has representation in both Brussels and Westminster, to be invited.”

“In the European elections we need to see the right kind of change. That means voting for politicians who want to change the EU to make it more accountable to all of us, rather than allowing it to continue to serve big business.

As Lib Dems in the cabinet sit by and watch while the Government offers handouts to fracking firms and cuts the budget of the Environment Agency, it’s clear that they can’t be trusted to protect our environment.

Only the Greens are offering people a chance to make a real change in these elections. We want to stay in the EU, but unlike the Lib Dems we support a referendum so we can all have a say. We want things in Brussels to change, but unlike UKIP we want to continue working with our European Neighbours as part of the EU.

UKIP’s voting record in the European Parliament shows their inability to represent the people who voted for them. They often don’t turn up for the crucial votes that affect all of our lives.

As the UK faces queues at food banks, flooded streets and fracking in our countryside it is clear that change is needed. Greens are the only ones offering voters the right kind of change.”

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Green Party on 7% in poll


Labour has increased its lead over the Conservatives to six points, today’s exclusive Ipsos MORI poll reveals.

David Cameron’s side are down three to 32, while Mr Miliband’s Labour are up three points to 38 per cent — which, if mirrored on election day, would see him installed at Number 10 with a majority of about 80.

Nick Clegg’s Liberal Democrats are down a point to eight, while Nigel Farage’s Ukip is down two points, also to eight per cent. The Greens have had a three-point bounce to seven. Continue reading