Global Greens React to Warsaw, COP 19 Negotiations

On behalf of the Global Greens, Green Parliamentarians from Europe, Canada, and New Zealand will provide comment and perspective on the current round of negotiations.

Bas Checkout – Green Member of the European Parliament, Elizabeth May – Member of the Canadian Parliament, Leader of the Green Party of Canada, and New Zealand Green MP Kennedy Graham speak and answer questions.

Global Greens Political Perspectives for climate: Warsaw climate conference should produce real action and progress on an ambitious 2015 agreement!

The Global Greens call on governments in Warsaw to meet the challenge of the climate crisis and move swiftly to create climate resilient economies that are fair and socially just, that phase out all fossil fuel use and allow humanity to live within the Earth’s ecological limits.

COP 19 comes at the end of a black year for the world’s climate. Atmospheric CO2 concentrations hit 400 ppm in May and in September the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the leading scientific body on climate change, reported with 95% confidence that human influence is the dominant cause of global warming. Continue reading