Caroline Lucas: MPs’ pay rise sends completely the wrong message

Commenting on plans for an 11% pay rise for MPs, Caroline Lucas, Green MP for Brighton Pavilion, said:

“Accepting a pay rise of 11%, particularly  at a time when so many of our constituents are struggling to make ends meet, would be absolutely wrong.

“Many people who are in work  are looking forward to either no pay rise next year, or at best another below-inflation increase, while many others are still without work.  Things are particularly tough for public sector workers, who saw their pay drop by 0.8% in the year to August.

“MPs have to be in touch with the people they represent.  That’s why I think an 11% pay rise sends out completely wrong  message.  I support the principle  of an independent body to make decisions on MPs’ pay, but I had no idea the recommendation would be so out of touch with the economic reality for so many.  I was one of the first MPs to come out and completely reject the hike recommended for 2015. The system won’t allow me not to take the pay increase, so if re-elected I’d donate the extra money to a local charity.”;

Green Party response to Osborne’s Autumn Statement:

Another missed opportunity to restructure the economy and deliver a sustainable future

Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne’s Autumn Statement was dominated by short-term political considerations and a failure yet again to either address the underlying, structural problems which weaken the health of the British economy or move us to a low-carbon, affordable energy future, says the Green Party. Nothing has been done to prepare for the economic storm on the horizon.

In the Autumn Statement, Osborne insisted that “Britain’s economic plan is working” and that the Coalition Government is overseeing a “responsible recovery.”;

In response to the Autumn Statement, Natalie Bennett, Green Party Leader for England and Wales, said:

“Mr Osborne was so keen to claim that this was an Autumn Statement for the long term, yet on this issue, as others, he is clearly a man who protests too much. Continue reading