Nigel Rolland, Green Party candidate, Ashton St. Michaels, May 22nd 2014




I have a good record of exposing and holding Tameside Council to account, including:

TEL Homes for the elderly – Council mismanagement;

Former Ashton to Oldham railway – Unlawful dumping allowed by TMBC;

Ashton Moss Allotments – Council negligence.

If elected, I will propose the following changes to Tameside Council:

A further reduction of Councillors allowances;

An end to the payment of all Executive Councillors including the Leader;

No development of shale gas extraction (Fracking);

No development of Green Belt land for residential or business;

An end to the privatisation and outsourcing of Council services;

An ethical investment policy for the TMBC managed Greater Manchester Pension fund;

I would work with all agencies to achieve the following:

A living wage for all;

Job creation through a Green New Deal;

More investment in local business;

Access to land to grow food for all.



Charlotte Hughes, Green Party Candidate, Ashton hurst ward, May 22nd 2014

I’m Charlotte Hughes and I will be representing the Green Party for the Hurst ward in Ashton.

I stand for the normal working class person and am a single parent. I live in social housing thus have become a victim of the governments wave of cuts which has hit our area very harshly.

My main areas of interest are to keep the n.h.s public, creating sustainable jobs, paying workers a living wage and protecting pensions and ending fuel poverty. I am not afraid of standing up for both people and the environment.

The issues surrounding the environment are also very important to me and I do campaign for these issues. I also feel strongly about defending our public services and nationalising our rail and energy companies.

Too many people are in both fuel and food poverty now and this is an issue that I am passionate about. I am an active campaigner on all of these issues. Everyone and everything should be treated with respect and everyone matters. This is why I’m standing.

Trevor Clarke, Green Party Candidate, St. Peters Ward, May 22nd 2014



Labour publications trumpet how the council is ‘on your side in hard times’. They don’t tell you the Council HASN’T:

  • sold its £60m investments

  • tried to renegotiate its £135m of PFI interest payments over the next 20 years (disastrous initiatives promoted by the Blair/Brown Labour governments)

  • called in the £40m it is owed

These could have softened the cuts it imposed for the Con/Dem government; a cuts agenda, remember, that a Labour government would have held to as well.

Green policies put people first. For example, we want climate-wrecking fossil fuels replaced with renewable energy. This would create jobs for people. Green energy policy would remove shareholders, and cut prices, by bringing energy companies into public ownership. Labour only promises price freezes.

Is immigration an issue? No. It’s our home-grown elite of incompetent bankers; short-sighted, self-serving politicians; phone-tapping journalists; and fat-cat business people who need greater regulation.