2,457 households in Tameside hit by the bedroom tax


According to new data released by the Government and analysed by the National Housing Federation In Tameside 2,457 households were hit by the bedroom tax in August and , the first to show actual numbers affected by the controversial policy, in Tameside the Average amount of Housing Benefit lost per year was £731.90.

The bedroom tax came into force on 1 April, 2013 and this is the first time the Government has released data showing the actual numbers hit. But even this does not show the full extent of families affected – it excludes those working families, previously in receipt of a small amount of housing benefit, whose entitlement has been completely wiped out by the bedroom tax.

The National Housing Federation stated “These new Government figures show that bedroom tax is affecting thousands of people……for many, there isn’t even anywhere for them to downsize to. There simply aren’t enough smaller social homes available, and the cost of private rented housing is rising all the time.” Continue reading