EU Greens select Lead candidates

The European Green Party has selected Ska Keller and Jose Bove to lead the European Election campaign

The two winners of the historic Green Primary, the first ever Europe-wide open online process to select leading candidates will be the figureheads of the third common Green European campaign, and lead the united Green parties of Europe in spreading the message that we can and will bring the change that EU so desperately needs.

Commenting on the occasion José Bové said:

“I am honoured to have been appointed as one of the leading candidates of the European Green campaign as a result of the Green Primary. I will lead this campaign to defend a Europe that protects women and men from the globalisation that is destroying jobs and the environment. I am committed to a Europe that shares the often-threatened values of democracy, solidarity and human rights. A Europe that can turn its back on the social and ecological economic crises, by pushing for the Green New Deal with an appropriate budget. More than ever, for me Europe in 2014 represents a subversive and pragmatic dream to leave nationalism and selfishness behind. We need more Europe. We need more of a better Europe.”

Ska Keller added:

“I’m looking forward to an enthusiastic election campaign, for the whole of the European Union. It will be our task as top candidates to bring a European dimension to the national Green campaigns. I hope and I’m sure that we can keep the enthusiasm and motivation that I have experienced during the Green Primary going. In our campaign, we Greens will be clear about what our Green alternatives are for Europe: a fair and Green way out of the crisis, putting youth unemployment on the top of the agenda, protecting the rights of refugees and migrants, fair trade not free trade, more ambitious climate targets, and more democracy. I want to thank all those who supported me, as well as the other contenders from whom I learnt a great deal.”

The Green Primary closed at 18h00 yesterday. For the last two and a half months, voters in every single EU member state have taken part in this unique e-democracy project. Green leading candidates Ska Keller and José Bové, along with Monica Frassoni and Rebecca Harms, travelled across Europe to put their vision for the future of the EU to voters, giving people the chance to confront them directly in live debates in ten different cities, and in online chats and live hangouts. 22,676 people voted overall; Ska Keller received 11,791 votes and Jose Bové received 11,726 votes. The European Greens are the only political family who have chosen to open up the process of selecting their top politicians. The Green Primary has set a new democratic standard. By empowering 16 and 17 year olds to take part, we’ve given them a voice in Europe’s future, too. Continue reading

European Green Party Lead Candidate elections open to any one over the age of 16

The Green party has always been at the vanguard of experiments in ‘doing democracy’ better: giving more people a say in how we choose our politicians, making the results of elections more reflective of public opinion and ensuring our representatives are, well, more representative.

The Greens are firmly behind extending the vote to 16-year-olds, for example, and for switching to a more proportional voting system for Westminster – and local council – elections. The right to vote should, say the Greens, be based on residency, not nationality.

Obviously, any changes to the UK voting system would require a change in the law, and that isn’t in the Green party’s gift to give. But internal elections are already conducted according to these principles, and now, with elections to the European parliament just a few months away, we’re seeing an experiment in a new form of real democracy: a EU-wide, on-line ‘primary’ election for the Greens’ faces of the pan-European campaign.

Where all the other parties are choosing their lead candidates internally, the Greens have thrown the process open to every EU citizen aged 16 or over.

That’s right – anyone who is prepared to state their support for ‘Green principles’ can have their say, just by visiting the website and voting. Continue reading