The Left Must Unite to Kick the BNP Out of Europe

article by Peter Cranie reproduced from Huffington Post62399036_peter_cranie_high1

Last week Left Unity, the new ‘radical political party of the left’ held its founding conference. What does that mean for politics to the left of Labour? And what could be the electoral impact of a new left organisation? I’ll put my cards on the table early on. I was the lead candidate for the Greens in the North West region, where in 2009 we lost out by 0.3% to Nick Griffin and the BNP. Why is that relevant? Well the combined vote for socialist parties in the North West in 2009 was 3% and every one of those ballot papers was a missed opportunity to stop Griffin getting into the European Parliament. What Left Unity decides on as their electoral strategy could have a huge impact on whether we succeed in removing him this time.

Politics is never simple, and not every socialist would have chosen to back the Greens, but arguably the figures speak for themselves. If different choices had been made, Nick Griffin would never have been elected. Many in Left Unity are keen to take a new approach to politics and are urging co-operation, rather than confrontation, with the Green Party in the run up to the European Elections. I believe Left Unity must focus on uniting voters on the left to kick the BNP out of the European Parliament once and for all. Continue reading