ICM Polling: Green Vote Growing as Liberal Democrats Wither

GPLogoWorldGreenForWebThe Green Party is polling (1) at 10% ahead of the May 22 European Elections, putting it firmly in fourth place and three percentage points ahead of the ailing Liberal Democrats (7%).
The Greens have surged four points since ICM’s last poll and are within touching distance of meet their target of trebling their number of MEPs from two (Jean Lambert, London, and Keith Taylor, South-East) to six. Based on a national swing the latest poll would give the Greens 5 seats in England plus one in Scotland. The Lib Dems would have zero seats. Among 18-24 year-olds the Greens are the second most popular political party.
Natalie Bennett, Green Party Leader, said:
“The results of this poll chime with what I am hearing around the country. 
Former Lib Dem voters feel that the party no longer represents their values, let alone their views on tuition fees, nuclear weapons and nuclear weapons, and on curbing the influence of the banks and big business. 

“Former Labour voters are looking at our firm statements that the poor and disadvantaged must no longer be made to pay for the fraud and recklessness of the bankers. And traditional Tory voters are coming to us for our firm defence of the green belt and determination to rein in our still out of control financial sector.”
Penny Kemp, Head of Media on the Green Party Executive, said:
“If the Green Party as predicted push the Lib/Dems into fifth place, I will be asking Ofcom and the Broadcasters Liaison Group to review their recent policy and I will be arguing for a place at the top table.”
The polling results echo those released on May 2 by the Green Party. That polling, which was conducted by YouGov and commissioned by the Greens, had the Green Party on 8% and ahead of the Lib Dems in four of the nine English regions (the North-East, the North-West, Yorks and Humber and Eastern Region) with both parties polling on 11% in London.
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Liverpool Euro-MP opens Green Party conference

62399036_peter_cranie_high1Peter Cranie, the lead European elections candidate for the North West Green Party, will be opening the Green Party’s spring conference at St George’s Hall today. His speech will celebrate Liverpool as a diverse and multicultural city and will outline his ambitions to become the region’s first Green MEP.


Peter Cranie, who lives in south Liverpool, narrowly missed out on election to the European Parliament by just 0.3% in 2009. Peter will welcome delegates from across the country to the conference and introduce Natalie Bennett, the Green Party’s Leader, to the stage.


In his speech Peter will highlight the proud ethnic and cultural diversity in Liverpool and call on voters in the city to eject Nick Griffin and the BNP from the European Parliament in the May elections.


Peter Cranie commented: “The North West region was within a whisker of electing a Green MEP last time. Bringing our pre-election conference back to Liverpool is a clear indication that this is where we should gain our next European seat this time.”


“We are reaching out to those who have been let down by the Liberal Democrats. And we’re appealing to Labour supporters who want to lean on their party to adopt more radical positions on scrapping Trident, opposing fracking and rejecting this poor value nuclear energy deal that will tie people into high fuel prices for generations to come.”


The European Elections will take place on 22nd May, the same day as city council elections in Liverpool. The city’s Green Party is looking to double its number of councillors. Chair of Liverpool Green Party and St Michaels candidate, Tom Crone, who has helped to organise this weekend’s conference said:


“The collapse of the Liberal Democrats has led to a political vacuum in Liverpool. It is up to us to us to provide opposition. We need to robustly challenge Labour locally so that we don’t end up with just one party in power – a situation which isn’t in the interests of our city and its residents. There is a timetable of public sessions at conference and I’m inviting local people to come along and join us in St George’s Hall.”