New video – Vote Green Not Griffin


The North West Green Party have produced a short video explaining what happened in the 2009 Euro Elections and how a relatively small percentage of additional votes for the Green Party this time would see Peter Cranie elected as an MEP instead of Nick Griffin.


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Vote Green in European elections May 22nd 2014

European Elections 2014

The Green Party is the fourth largest group in the European Parliament with 58 MEPs, working on issues as diverse as workers’ rights, energy, transport, fishing, international development, environmental protection and employment.

Manifesto: Please click here for our mini-manifesto for the European Elections.

For the full European Election manifesto (much longer and more detailed)  click here

Peter Cranie lost out on a seat in the European Parliament by just 0.3% of the vote in 2009 and instead the British National Party’s leader, Nick Griffin, became the region’s MEP.  For more information on this please see our ‘Green Not Griffin site.

We hope to break through this time, and in 2 recent polls are polling ahead of the Lib Dems and the BNP and around the level needed to win a seat.


European elections 2009 bar chart

Election candidates 2014

North West Green Party members have chosen the following people to stand as candidates in the 2014 elections to the European Parliament.  Polling day is 22nd May.  

Our candidates will stand on the party’s ‘three yeses’ platform:

  1. Yes to a referendum.
  2. Yes to major EU reform.
  3. Yes to staying in a reformed Europe.

Peter Cranie is our lead candidate. Peter is very active across the region, campaigning and standing as a Green candidate in seats in both Liverpool (where he lives) and Skelmersdale Peter Cranie (where he works). He is an active trade unionist and elected branch representative at West Lancashire College as Green rep.
As the lead Green candidate, a vote for Peter is the best progressive option to unseat Nick Griffin and the BNP. If elected Peter would be committed to standing up for local communities against austerity cuts, fracking and HS2.

Gina DowdingOur number two candidate is Gina Dowding, a Lancashire county councillor and health scrutiny committee member. Gina is a former Lancaster city councillor and cabinet member whose responsibilities included for partnerships, consultation with the community, and leading key strategic policy work such as LA21 and the local strategic partnership.
Gina previously worked for the NHS as a health promotion specialist for 12 years, a non-clinical post which involved health development advice, working in a number of settings including universities and prisons, and work with the Healthy Cities Office of the World Health Organisation (WHO).
Having grown up in London, Gina now 51, has made Lancaster her home for nearly thirty years, where she lives with her partner and two sons.

3. Laura Bannister. Laura grew up in Dover, and has lived iLaura Bannistern Manchester and Salford for the last nine years. She works for Mind, the mental health charity, as the coordinator of a couple of community gardens. She is committed to fighting for social and economic justice, and joined the Green Party in 2009 after discovering the Party’s radical left-wing economic policies. She is now 28 years old, has stood as a local election candidate and was formerly the co-chair of Manchester Green Party.

4. Jill Perry. Jill lives in Bullgill, nr Maryport in Jill PerryWest Cumbria and has lived in West Cumbria all her life apart from a few years studying. She is 57, a former teacher of modern languages, she now makes jam for a living. She was a founder member of Allerdale and Copeland Green Party, acting as secretary to the group. She has stood for election to the Borough Council, County Council and was the parliamentary candidate for Copeland in 2010. She was formerly involved with the local Friends of the Earth group, as co-ordinator and energy campaigner, has been on the Lake District National Park Authority and is a Parish Councillor. She joined the Green Party when she lost faith that any of the other parties would do enough about the peace, social justice and environmental issues that she is passionate about. She believes that climate change brings all these issues together and needs urgent action.

5. John Knight. Originally from Stockport, John – aged 52 – has lived in Macclesfield since 2002.  He has been employed at the Head Office of a major trade union since 1985. HJohn Knighte is Convenor and Media Officer of Cheshire East Green Party.  He was the party’s first-ever parliamentary candidate for Macclesfield in 2010, and has regularly stood as a candidate in council elections. He chaired the transport group of Macc2020, Macclesfield’s Transition movement.  He is active in the South Manchester groups of both the Long Distance Walkers’ Association (LDWA) and the Cyclists’ Touring Club (CTC). John joined the Green Party following the 2005 General Election, encouraged by the party’s commitment to social justice, as well as a growing awareness of the many threats to the environment we live in.  He is particularly interested in sustainable transport, as well as public access to the countryside.

6. Ulrike Zeshan. Ulrike is a 43-year-oUlrike Zeshanld university professor in sign language linguistics and has lived in Preston for seven years. She is a German national and having lived in three different European countries, she has a strong interest in European politics, particularly with respect to the importance of linguistic and cultural diversity. Ulrike has always been a supporter of Green ideals and serves as co-opted member of the Green’s national Equalities and Diversity Committee. Her main interests are in diversity, community leadership and international development. She is ambassador for Deaf Parenting UK, a member of the World Federation of the Deaf’s expert committee on sign languages, and director of the International Deaf Empowerment Foundation.


7. Lewis Coyne. Lewis lives in Liverpool, where he was born and brought up. He is 22 years old and is currently a student at Liverpool John Moores University. He has previously stood for the Green Party for the city council and has had several roles within Liverpool Green Party, where he is currently the local party support officer.  Lewis Coyne
Lewis joined the Green Party in 2010 after seeing that it is the only major party that aims to tackle both our economic and environmental crises at the same time. As a socialist, he is passionate about combating poverty and inequality in British society. Particularly scrapping the Bedroom Tax and creating affordable housing by making sure that big corporations and bankers pay their fair share of tax.

Jake Welsh8. Jake Welsh. Jake is a passionate campaigner for animal rights and social justice. He was born in Blackpool but now lives in Manchester and is aged 26. He attended Manchester Metropolitan University from 2007-2010 after which he moved to Preston and founded Central Lancashire Green Party and was their election agent. Jake has also been youth officer and election agent in Manchester as well as local party support officer for the North West Green Party. Currently Jake is a target candidate for the Greens in Chorlton, Manchester.

Vote Green to beat racism – Left Unity backs Peter Cranie in European election


In a joint announcement today, the North West region of Left Unity has offered a public endorsement of the lead Green candidate Peter Cranie for the European Elections. Felicity Dowling, a former Liverpool councillor, and a Principal Speaker for Left Unity, said:

“In the last European Election the Green Party gained 7.7% of the vote and the BNP won the final seat in the North West region with just 8%. The Greens can command enough of the vote to ensure that Nick Griffin will lose his seat in the European Parliament.”

“Peter is a committed anti-racism campaigner, an active trade unionist and a confirmed opponent of austerity. If elected, he is committed to working with trade union campaigns through his European role.”

“Votes for Labour in this election will not help combat austerity. Labour has pledged to match coalition spending plans for their first year of government.

Left Unity is urging its supporters to use their votes in the most effective way to influence the national debate in the absence of a Left Unity candidate.”

“We call upon those in the North West who oppose fascism and who oppose austerity to use their vote tactically to elect Peter Cranie. It is crucial that the story of these European Elections is not just about UKIP and their anti-immigrant and anti-European agenda, but also shows there is electoral strength for a growing movement against austerity.”

In response to the endorsement, Peter Cranie commented:

“Left Unity has shown that they will approach politics in a different way and we very much welcome this endorsement in the North West.”

“As an anti-racist campaigner with the Merseyside Coalition Against Racism and Fascism for many years, the priority for all anti-racist voters has to be to ensure that Nick Griffin is ejected from the European Parliament.”

“We also must kick the legs out from under the coalition and the failed policies of austerity in this election. The final seat in the North West will be contested between the Greens, the Liberal Democrats and the BNP. If the Greens win, it will leave the Liberal Democrats in 5th place nationally in this election.”

“After these European Elections and Nick Clegg’s disastrous debate appearances, we want to see Liberal Democrats forced into a change of leader and a change of direction, bringing an end to this appalling coalition and an early General Election. The latest European poll by ICM shows the Greens level with the Liberal Democrats [1], and endorsements like this one by Left Unity, could be crucial.”

The statement from Left Unity follows a letter to the Morning Star newspaper earlier this year [2], where many North West Trade Unionists, among them a prominent 2009 NO2EU candidate, Alec McFadden, urged unity and for other groups on the left to back the Greens. In 2009 the combined vote of the Socialist Labour Party and the NO2EU lists was just 3%, but the Greens would have only needed an extra 0.3% to prevent Griffin from ever taking a seat in Europe.

Peter Cranie added:

“We respect the immense contribution that Bob Crow made to the Trade Union movement and that he was a committed supporter of NO2EU. The Green Party policy on Europe is that people should have a referendum now, something both the Greens and NO2EU could agree on.”

“Our door is open for dialogue and we must avoid a situation where the BNP are able to sneak back in due to a controversial media story allowing them whip up hate and prejudice close to the election. It’s our duty to do everything we can to eject Griffin from the European Parliament and I’ll work alongside all campaigners committed to that aim.”