Greens Report on Secret TTIP Treaty


ktOne of the UK’s Members of the European Parliament has released a report slamming a major trade deal being negotiated between the USA and the European Commission.

Keith Taylor, the Green Party MEP for South East England, is demanding that the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) be scrapped. Mr Taylor, whose party is the only major group in the European Parliament to oppose the trade deal, has labelled the negotiations as ‘undemocratic’ and ‘a threat to the rights and protections we hold dear.’

Mr Taylor also accused other UK political parties of ‘cheerleading’ for the TTIP deal.  He revealed a leaked Lib Dem document in which the party advises candidates to attack Greens for being anti-jobs because of their stance against TTIP.

Mr Taylor’s report is released today as the fourth round of negotiations between the EU and the USA begin in Brussels.

The report claims that TTIP brings multiple threats to the sovereignty of the UK including:

 – The prospect of multinational companies suing the UK Government if laws are passed which threaten profitability.

– The watering down of environmental, health & safety and workplace regulations to achieve ‘harmonization’ with lower US standards.

  Mr Taylor said:

“Though huge chunks of this trade deal are shrouded in secrecy what we do know is that TTIP poses a very real threat to the quality of life of people in the UK.

It’s astounding that the Lib Dems, a party with the word ‘democrat’ in their name, are attacking those who want to protect Brits from a trade deal written by big business.

This deal, favoured by multinationals, threatens to slash regulations that protect our environment and health. But, most worryingly, it represents a serious threat to democracy in our country.  

Though our Government wants people to be kept in the dark about this dreadful deregulation charter I have no doubt that the movement against it is bound to  go from strength to strength.”

You can download a full copy of Keith Taylor’s Report here