Greens! call for Robin Hood Tax


The Green Party is supporting a campaign to get councils to pass a motion of support for the Robin Hood Tax.

The Robin Hood Tax – or Financial Transaction Tax (FTT) is a tiny tax of about 0.05% on transactions made by banks, hedge funds and the financial sector. The tax could raise £250 billion a year globally, with some of the money being used to support council services that have been decimated by government cuts. Another advantage of an FTT is that it helps reduce the number of risky financial transactions, the gambling which helped to trigger the financial crisis.

The Green Party is urging people to take an easy action by writing to their local councillors asking them to pass a motion supporting the FTT, almost 40 councils have already passed such a motion. 

Professor Molly Scott Cato, who is the Green Party’s finance spokesperson and a leading European candidate said: “The Green group in the European Parliament has been instrumental in pushing for a FTT.

Eleven Member States including Germany, France, Italy and Spain have decided to put people before the profits of their big banks and financial speculators and Introduce a Financial Transaction Tax.

The UK Government on the other hand has continued to block the Financial Transaction Tax in order to protect their Friends in the City.”

Dr Scott Cato  concluded: “I will be proposing a motion of support for an FTT in February. I want our council and other councils across the South West and beyond to send a clear message to the government that Robin Hood wants finance to work for the common good, not the vested interests of the few!”

Further information on the Financial Transaction Tax from the Robin Hood campaign:  

European Green Party Lead Candidate elections open to any one over the age of 16

The Green party has always been at the vanguard of experiments in ‘doing democracy’ better: giving more people a say in how we choose our politicians, making the results of elections more reflective of public opinion and ensuring our representatives are, well, more representative.

The Greens are firmly behind extending the vote to 16-year-olds, for example, and for switching to a more proportional voting system for Westminster – and local council – elections. The right to vote should, say the Greens, be based on residency, not nationality.

Obviously, any changes to the UK voting system would require a change in the law, and that isn’t in the Green party’s gift to give. But internal elections are already conducted according to these principles, and now, with elections to the European parliament just a few months away, we’re seeing an experiment in a new form of real democracy: a EU-wide, on-line ‘primary’ election for the Greens’ faces of the pan-European campaign.

Where all the other parties are choosing their lead candidates internally, the Greens have thrown the process open to every EU citizen aged 16 or over.

That’s right – anyone who is prepared to state their support for ‘Green principles’ can have their say, just by visiting the website and voting. Continue reading

Manchester – Austerity kills Christmas

Join the Manchester’s People’s Assembly to protest and highlight the impact of the austerity measures on local people and their communities!!

The People’s Assembly (of which the Green Party is a member) has announced a Day of Action this Saturday.

Saturday 14th December 12PM around Piccadilly Gardens and top of Market street

In Manchester on Saturday we will be joining together to say ‘Austerity kills Christmas’. Join the anti-austerity choirs from across the city, musicians and mass leafleting with the facts on tax dodging and the impact of austerity. Our friends in Occupy are leading with Elf not Wealth and we can go mobile visiting our local tax dodging shops. Come dressed for Christmas, panto characters or Dickensian – you get the picture – we want to be very visible and loud!

This is a shout out for seasonal action on December 14th!
We will be meeting for a festive themed get together with ‘alternative’ carol singing and the hope of making lots of noise to raise awareness around the systematic austerity measures which our communities are subjected to!

We will be inviting speakers to speak on their personal experiences of these austerity measures i.e. the bedroom tax, benefit cuts and the rise of the cost of living. We would like to hear from you about the impacts these have had on yourself and your community.

We would also like to hear about from anyone who can share their recent experience of local action and campaign groups. Continue reading