Green MEP warns of rise of extremism on UN Anti-Racism Day

BordersAction55ffc1eGreen MEP Jean Lambert addressed an anti-racism rally in Trafalgar Square to mark UN Anti-Racism Day.

Ms Lambert, who was speaking as Vice President of the European Parliament’s Anti-Racism Intergroup, will say racism, xenophobia and anti-Semitism are on the rise across Europe – and urged voters to back progressive candidates in May’s European election to combat right-wing extremism.

Ms Lambert spoke at the rally alongside other politicians, as well as musicians and comedians – allspeaking out for diversity and against the politics of hate.

“Racism is on the rise across Europe – and we need to embrace an international approach to solving economic, social and environmental problems and stop scapegoating immigrants if we are to reverse this trend.

“But there is a real risk that we will see exactly the opposite, with a rise in the number of xenophobic and racist politicians elected to the next European Parliament in May,” she said.

“To make sure this doesn’t happen we need everyone – and their families and friends – to go out and vote for progressive candidates to reduce the political space for those that don’t believe in equality. Your vote counts.”

Ms Lambert added:

“We need all governments, and EU institutions, to make clear their commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion if we are to see much-needed progress on reducing hate-based behaviour, whether directed at people because of their faith, race – or just hatred of ‘the other’.

“But here in the UK we are seeing exactly the opposite to what is needed: barely a day goes by without this government saying it will deny health-care, or welfare benefits, or even the right to free movement or a private family life, to citizens of some nationality or another.

“The Government has to stop dealing in numbers and start seeing people.”


Unite the Trade Union urges you to support UN anti-racism day
A day of action has been called for across Europe on 22 March to coincide with UN Anti-racism Day. Unite is urging its members to show support and stand up against racism and fascism.

In the build up to the European elections in May many parties accross Europe are allowing poliics and the media to be dominated by racism and xenophobia. We need to stand up against this politics of fear and hate.

Saturday 22 March, assemble 11am Parliament Square for procession to rally at Trafalgar Square.

Unite national officer equalities, Collette Cork-Hurst said:
“Unite is proud to support for this important event. We can never, not for a second, let down our guard against those who seek to divide us.

“So we urge our friends and family across Unite to come together on this day, to celebrate our diversity, to welcome newcomers to our shores and to send a message loud and clear that hatred has no place in our movement or nations.”

Speakers include: Diane Abbott MP, Natalie Bennett, leader the Green Party, Jerry Dammers, “Free Nelson Mandela” song writer, Farooq Murad, Secretary General, Muslim Council of Britain, Mohammad Taj, TUC President, Ava Vidal, Comedian.

For more information visit the Stand up to Racism website [