Where is the humanity in our welfare system?

Written by: Matt Hawkins

“Where is the humanity?” asked Bart Simpson, one-time presenter of his own news programme Bart’s People – a show that spoke from the heart about the trials and tribulations experienced by ordinary people in his home town of Springfield. After waiting four years for the Labour opposition and the Liberal Democrats to pose a similar question to our Conservative governors about their oppressive welfare policies, Britain has just found its most unlikely of Bart Simpson impersonators – the Archbishop Vincent Nichols.

Tory austerity and opposition inactivity has meant that the role of official opposition has fallen to those outside of the inner political ring. The former Canon of St. Paul’s Giles Fraser has been a vocal critic of austerity and his voice has now been bolstered by a colleague from across the Christian pond. Vincent Nichols, the archbishop of Westminster, this week slammed the government’s welfare reforms as “punitive” and “heart-breaking”, stating that “something is going seriously wrong when, in a country as affluent as ours, people are left in [a] destitute situation and depend solely on the hand-outs of the charity of food banks”. Continue reading